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BROADCAST BYTES: 10 Tips to Broadcast Like a TwitC

BROADCAST BYTES: 10 Tips to Broadcast Like a TwitCasting Titan!

Go LIVE, INTERACT & ENGAGE with your Viewers!

Here are some tips for you to broadcast like a Champ!

Make sure your other social accounts are connected!
Good lighting is a plus! Check it out before you start your live.
Check the angle you’re broadcasting from, is it on point?
Ask your viewers to log in, comment and chat with you.
Talk and chat with your viewers, get them involved!
Asking your viewers questions starts a conversation!  
Regular broadcasts = more fans + bigger audience + more conversation!
Ask your viewers to FAN or SUBSCRIBE, they’ll be notified when you Go Live!
Ask your viewers to follow you on your other social networks!
Save your broadcasts so that anyone who missed you can check it out.
Your Fans + Subs will be notified every time you Go Live!