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Birthday live! 🎂

Birthday live! 🎂

Hi everyone! I celebrated my birthday on July 2nd, and became 21! I'm planning to go on live and make it a collab live so you can collab with me! Waiting for all the birthday comments!

★Pacific Time: July 3rd, 10pm~12am

✨Some rules and promises for this live✨

1. If you would like to collab, please let me know in the comments! 🐶 I will be more than happy to collab with you!

2. If you are collabing, you may leave anytime you want! However, if someone comments that they want to collab, please kindly give them your spot. Let's be kind to each other! I love kind people❤︎.*

3. Please refrain from abusive language. ❌ I'll be sad if someone gets hurt...

So excited to see you soon!!✨✨