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c:access_connection キャス

Muse (みゅ) ☽꙳.*·̩͙‬𓈒𓏸𓈒🎀𓂃 𓈒𓏸𑁍‬ @c:access_connection
  • レベル 40
  • サポーター 869
l like listening to western music ࿒ℓ࿆࿆࿆︎ෆ࿆౮࿆୧࿆♡࿆︎༝࿆༚࿆༝࿆༚࿆ ࿒ ♪︎︎∗︎*゚
Listening to music is my healing (*˘︶˘*).。.:*
I want to cherish my feelings and life ✿︎˘︶˘✿︎ ).。.:* ♬︎︎︎∗︎*゚
Value trust and respect (* ¨̮*)/ 🩰
I want you to get along with people who do not slander others
Humans all are equal❥︎・•
Happiness depends upon ourslves ︎︎∗︎*゚

Please refrain from taking screenshots of photos ‍♀